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Greetings! I'm Karas Wright, the guiding force behind Wright Step Coaching—a sanctuary where business dreams come to life. With a solid 25-year foundation in banking, I've channeled my expertise into empowering professionals and small business owners alike.

In the realm of Small Business Coaching, my approach is grounded in real-world experiences and a dedication to creating an environment where ideas flourish. As a mom of four incredible kids, I understand the importance of balancing the chaos of family life with the aspirations of entrepreneurship. Simultaneously, my role as an internal leadership coach draws from my journey, bringing empathy and passion to guide professionals, leaders, and executives.

Workshops, speaking engagements, and team coaching sessions are the dynamic components of my Leadership Coaching services. It's about fostering a community where leadership skills thrive, mirroring the vibrant dynamics of both my professional and personal worlds. On the empowerment front, I specialize in individual and group coaching sessions that make the journey toward personal growth not just effective but also enjoyable.

My mission is to challenge the status quo and inspire you to do the same. Specializing in helping those on the brink of burnout, I'm committed to reigniting the flame. Certified as a Leadership Coach (CLC), an ACC designated coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and a Certified Mindful Workplace Facilitator (CMWF), I'm here to help you find your "Wright" next step—a path filled with clarity, purpose, and success.

Join me on this holistic journey where professionalism meets warmth, and the heart of the family, the expertise of Small Business Coaching, and the transformative power of Leadership and Empowerment coaching converge to guide you toward unparalleled success.

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